Maintenance Agreement

The best way to avoid potential expensive surprise like no A/C in July or no Heat in January is with preventive maintenance agreement. Maintenance agreement are the best way to ensure your air conditioning is operating reliable and efficiently.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  • Boost of performance

  • Increases energy effieciency

  • Extends equipment lifespan

  • Helps prevents inconvenient and costly breakdowns

  • Maintain systems safe operation

  • 10% off Repair With Maintenance Agreement

Preventive Maintenance includes

Two seasonal heating & air conditioning service tune ups

A 20 Point Percision Tune Up & Priority Service

1. Inspect Condenser Coil

2. Rinse Condenser Coil

3. Check Freon Levels

4. Inspect Evaporator Coil

5 Rinse Drain Pan

6. Flush Drain Line

7. Install Anti-Algae Tablets

8. Clean Filter

9. Check/Calibrate Thermostat

10. Lubricate Fan Motors


 11. Check Relays

12. Check Contactors

13. Check Electrical Wiring

14. Measure Compressor Efficiency

15. Check Air Temperature Differential

16. Check Heating Function

17. Inspect Air Duct at Air Handler

18. Check Humidity Level

19. Measure Efficiency Of System

20 Check Safety Control



We make sure that all the systems perform well giving you the assurance of peace of mind. Regular maintenance means preventing system failure, malfunctioning, clogged lines or uncomfortable temperatures in future. Maintenance is must for the full functionality and longevity of your systems so we are always here to maintain and keep your systems up to date. Our technicians inspects if all the systems are performing well or not, if the problem is found then after proper evaluation the problem will be sorted out assuring the airflows well and the temperature is right.

With our maintenance agreement you can start saving. With this agreement you will be getting routine checkup and maintenance which saves you a great deal of time and money. We check, clean and tune up your systems so that it operates to its utmost level.

Emergency Services:

You can count on us for all your emergency services needs. Just give us a call and we will be right there to fix all your problems any time anywhere.

Trust in over 17 years of experience.

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All of the work we do for you comes with a GUARANTEE. Count on our highly-trained technicians to get the job done for you.

We are licensed and insured:

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